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Becker Vineyards Texas Iconoclast Cabernet Sauvignon-2007

Posted in Cabernet Sauvignon, Texas, Texas Hill Country, Wine Reviews by CreativeJuicesWine on November 22, 2009

Upon request, we have decided to make a conscious effort to taste more Texas wine. You might not know that Texas is the #5 wine producer in the United States. However, the reason for that very well may be because 90% the wine produced here, gets consumed here. Today, we contributed to this statistic by drinking a Texas wine in Texas.

Our first reaction to this Cabernet was that of a surprise. Despite having some experience with Texan wine, we weren’t expecting such outstanding quality. This Cabernet is round, with a good balance of tannins. It drinks a little towards off-dry, and exhibits dark fruit (cherries and raspberries) leading into a smooth finish.

On a recent trip to Austin, we passed through Fredericksburg, which is a quaint little German influenced town in the heart of Texas wine country. Due to time restrictions, we didn’t have the opportunity to visit any wineries or vineyards. With this Becker Vineyards bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon as its representative, we will soon be making a trip to see what more Texas has to offer.

We rate this wine 1,300 points (because everything is bigger in Texas!)

No seriously, we awarded it 88 points, and recommend not only picking one up ($10) but also making a trip to Fredericksburg, TX and the Becker Vineyards. Cheers!