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Kung Fu Girl Riesling-Washington St. 2008

Posted in Columbia Valley, Riesling, Washington, Wine Reviews by CreativeJuicesWine on October 28, 2009

We bought this bottle after continually seeing it everywhere – in print, on wine blogs, in retail. So finally, we gave in, and rightfully so. Honey comes on strong right on the attack, followed by citrus. The mid-palate is complex enough to substantiate a blog entry, yet forward enough that it would only seem unfamiliar to a person who has never had honey or lemon juice. It is gentle, soft, and feminine, yet succulent and inviting, finishing with wild blossoms. Speaking of the finish, it was the one thing that left a lot to be desired.

Having this bottle got us into a long conversation about whites. Living in El Paso we expected the local wine drinkers to be enjoying a lot more whites than reds, but were mistaken. Reds are peaking in popularity, while whites carry a stigma of a beginner drinker’s wine. Undeservingly so. Reds and whites can be equally enjoyable, and to deny oneself of either is to cripple one’s wine journey. White wines are easy to appreciate because everything is on the surface. This bottle breaks the common misconception that all Rieslings are sweet, and we encourage wine enthusiasts of all levels to enjoy this, and any other dry Riesling.

Our Rating: 88 points

Please email us with any thoughts or considerations about this bottle, or any other dry Rieslings that you may have recently consumed. Thanks.

-Zak & Olena