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Some tasty wine

Posted in Cabernet Sauvignon, Horse Heaven Hills, Washington, wine by CreativeJuicesWine on March 24, 2010

I won’t be making this a long, unnecessarily complicated post about all sorts of details about a wine you guys may have never had and won’t care to read a long description about. I just want to say that H3, a Columbia Crest Cab from Horse Heaven Hills, 2007 is a absolute steal at $13 and paired beautifully with a 4 pound steak Zak cooked up tonight (that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but just barely so). It also paired great with pajamas, a couch and some Castle on Hulu.


the Kilsons

How do you pronounce that?… Wine 101 Social

Posted in wine, wine shop, Wine Tasting by CreativeJuicesWine on March 19, 2010

We will be tasting a Grüner Veltliner,  Vinho Verde, Gewurztraminer, Crémant de Loire, a Texan Carignan Mourvédre Blend as well as a Tokaji. We will be talking about the grapes, the land and the tastes of all the wines, as well as providing you with Tapas pairing options. The event costs $25 and all bottles are available at retail. We will discount all case orders. See you there!


Vino 100

Posted in wine by CreativeJuicesWine on March 8, 2010

My hubby knows that I can be a stickler to details, and that the issues I am horridly passionate about are, fortunately, far and between. One of those issues is wine.

I am intrigued by everything about it. I want to understand it to the fullest, I want to appreciate it to the best of my ability. But just above all, I want to know how to establish a common language about it. All too frequently I find myself in a situation where I know I am not getting my point across, and I see a blank expression on whomever I am talking to. Often this point of confusion arises from the understanding of what a “dry wine” means.

I run into this following issue all the time: I ask someone about what they like and they go on to tell me they don’t like something too dry. I offer them an off-dry wine, which they are ecstatic over. Throughout the evening, I work them down to dry reds, and to my surprise, they continue to exclaim enthusiastically: “Oh, I really like this! It is smooth, not too dry, and very, very nice”.

In all of my formal wine schooling I have been taught that dry is simply an antonym for sweet. Fruity is a antonym for lacking in fruit flavors. Sweet is something that contains residual sugar.

Today I came across a following website. It belongs to a wine shop chain based out of California, with just under 30 locations in the continental US. What caught my eye was their shelf talker theme:

Each of their wines has a similar display. I find it very interesting for several reasons:

1. I think these guys have a terrific business sense. They have figured out which terminology is appealing to a beginner drinker, and they are running with it.

2. They found a simple visual way for a wine consumer to navigate the shelves without having a prior attachment to a label, a varietal or a region.

3. They combine these to grasp the many people who seek great wine and a little wine knowledge.

My question, however, is the following: Does it seem to you guys that this company is perpetuating the existing miscommunication in the wine language?

Thank you for reading and I am excited to see what you guys think.


Creative Juices Wine Show: Episode 7-IPA Tasting

Posted in Beer, Flying Dog, Great Divide, Video by CreativeJuicesWine on March 1, 2010

During this episode Zak & Olena switch things up a bit, and taste a Snake Dog IPA against a Titan IPA. Enjoy the show! Cheers!!!

For more information on the breweries mentioned during this show, visit Flying Dog’s and Great Divide’s websites.

Beer Night @ Rulis’ Tonight!!!

Posted in Announcements, Beer, Classes, Texas by CreativeJuicesWine on February 27, 2010

Hey! Do you live in El Paso? Do you like fun? Do you like to drink really good beer? Are you alive? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, come to Beer Night @ Rulis’ International Kitchen Tonight!!! We will be tasting 6 (more likely than not, 7) beers, and serving up delicious snacks prepared by the best chef in the entire city, Chef Rulis! In case you were wondering what to do tonight, this is it! See you there @7pm! For more information, check Local Wine Events. Cheers!!!

What wine do you want us to drink next?

Posted in Poll by CreativeJuicesWine on February 23, 2010

Dear readers!

We have decided to start planning for our tastings a little further in advance, and leaving the bottle out of our wine fridge for day or so prior to the tasting. This way, you know what to look forward to, and we can analyze our wine’s flavors and aromas a bit better at room temperature.

Hence follows the first ever Creative Juices Poll: