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Heimersheimer Rotenfels-Dornfelder 2008er

Posted in Dornfelder, Germany, Rheinhessen by CreativeJuicesWine on February 5, 2010

Last night, in an attempt to broaden our palates, we tasted a wine that stays off of the radar for many people. To give you a little history, this grape (Dornfelder) has been grown in Germany since the mid 1950’s, and thrives in cooler climates. It is easier to grow that Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir), and produces typically darker red wines that tend towards sweet. This bottle was no exception.

It is packed with all kinds of floral notes, and fruit aromas that leave the palate aching to take that first sip. Once it hits the tip of the tongue, all of that fruit, and more come through in full force. Despite having a modest packaging, and a very budget friendly price tag ($12) this wine is a refreshingly drinkable, yet bombastic fruit explosion. It’s like having a cherry bomb explode in your mouth that finishes with a touch of creaminess and oak. It’s madness! By the way, there is only 8% alcohol, which adds to how refreshing this wine is.

There is nothing quite like Dornfelder on the market, so if you see a bottle, pick it up. We rated this wine 89 points, and recommend finding a local shop that sells Dornfelder. If you can’t find it locally, go online. It’s not too elusive. Cheers!!!

(Note: we had the 2008 vintage, whereas the 2006 is pictured above)