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Why I love wine

Posted in wine by CreativeJuicesWine on March 26, 2010

Yesterday Zak and I were at a catered event at a local medical school. We had been at the establishment once before but this time were excited to notice that the attendees were drinking much more wine.  Way to go, medical students! 🙂

When we got back after a full day of work, all I wanted to do was drink a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Lucky, we had one. Even though I’ve been feeling a bit on the tired and maybe even a little on the ill side, there are few wines that can freshen me up in quite the same way that a Marlborough Sauv Blanc does. So I was sipping my wine and putting together a mental map of why I love wine so much. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it:

1. Wine forces me to slow down, it is a meditation in a glass. So often in the rush of the day we all forget to stop and smell the roses. However, when in the evening your Gewurztraminer smells of roses, that’s a bit difficult to ignore.

2. I never have to have the same wine twice. It is sometimes hard to find a beer label I haven’t seen or tried before, while liquor and I just shouldn’t mix, but as far as wine goes, I love knowing that if I drink the same wine twice, it is a choice. With so much variety out there, my quest for new combinations of flavors never has to stop.

3. Wine has a way of connecting people. I have met so many wonderful people thanks to a shared passion of wine. The most notable example – my dear hubby Zak. Moreover, so many of the dinner party conversations that I was a witness to were saved and steered out of a danger territory thanks to a bottle of wine someone had brought. How often do you see people storming out of a room after passionately discussing a Beaujolais Nouveau?

4. Each wine is a perfect sauce to some dish, you just have to find one. To quote a favorite chef: “Wine is a Sauce”. With this tip in mind, the food and wine pairing just seems that much less intimidating.

5. If you are obsessed with knowledge, wine is unlimited fountain of learning possibilities. I love knowing that no matter how much I know about wine today, tomorrow a new winery will form, a new grape will become popular, a new vintage harvest will prove to be of value, and some unheard of region will start making amazing wines.

6. Every sip has a story – about the people who made the wine, but also each bottle can have its own idea on what it should taste like. And if you look deeper yet, the wine will tell you a story about the establishment and the people behind the wine list.

7. Wine is alive. You can see a wine go through life stages – a young, awkward wine turns into a young adult, developed but sometimes lacking in complexity. A few years later, a wine will peak, showing all it has with the utmost grace and development. And then each wine declines, becoming mustier, leaker until it is finally rendered undrinkable.

8. Wine is always a surprise, no matter how much I know about the varietal, the region, or the winemaker. Each individual bottle of wine is a new expression of what with time becomes more and more familiar, but never boring.

9. Wine is good for us. Not only it is established be good for our health, recent research suggests it is good for our sex lives!

10. Wine is a terrific travel guide, and an even better excuse to travel in the first place. If you haven’t visited a local winery or a vineyard yet, schedule a trip for the upcoming weekend, and see if you can find out for yourself how wine is a beautiful thing worth sharing with the people you love.


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