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Posted in Announcements, Chardonnay, tasting group, Wine Reviews, Wine Tasting by CreativeJuicesWine on February 21, 2010

Hello Friends. After a long weekend (not the vacation kind) we get to relax for a little bit. Sorry to leave you hanging these past couple days without a post from your favorite winos, but we’re sure you understand.

Today marks the first meeting of our new tasting group. We have been trying to assemble a group of individuals with brilliant palates, and a shared passion for vino since we moved to El Paso in August. That day has come. We’re pretty excited, as you can imagine. We now have one more excuse (as if we wouldn’t make one up) to do what we love, with great people.

Just go give you some insight into what we’re doing at our tasting group…everyone will be bringing a bottle of a predetermined varietal or region, and we will taste everything blind. What are we tasting today? Chardonnay’s. From anywhere. Any vintage. Oaked. Unoaked. You get the idea. No real rules, save one. It must be a Chardonnay.

The idea is to continue to broaden our palates, and sharpen our blind tasting skills. There’s a lot more to it, but we won’t bore you with the details. All you really need to know is that we will be adding a page specifically dedicated to the tasting group (yet to be named), and providing tasting notes, and pictures. Keep checking back to follow our journey. Cheers!!!

Zak & Olena


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